Travelling the World – Part 1

Now it is done! The blog for part 1 of my RTW-trip is finished. Actually I have to improve the photos as well as the text asap, but this is just a private blog and I think it is more important, that you can read about my trip and see my photos than you have to wait for that it is perfect – but have to wait for longer.

I still have a lot to add from other travels I did – mostly in Europe, though it will take a while before this is done and also I have other things to do, of course, but writing my blog. Furthermore I am preparing for part 2 of my RTW-trip.

You will find my story for New Zealand and Australia on:

You will find my story for North America (Canada, USA and Mexico) on:

For reading about other parts of my life

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I still have a lot of work to do on my blogs, please apologize.