At Home Again

Since last Sunday evening, 21st of November 2021, I am at home again. I never have been so happy to come home as after this bike tour. It did not depend on the way I traveled – by using and for the most, but by bad infrastructure for cyclists in a lot of countries and even more the fact, that it is hard to get a touring bike with panniers on most of the trains.

I was really tired, when I came home. On the other hand, I am very happy, that I made this trip and for all the fantastic hosts I have had. Nevertheless the days I was demonstrating together with FridaysForFuture and on the following Saturday with Pedal on Parliament as well as, when I was standing outside the “Blue Zone” of the COP26 and got attention av the press and other people, including a minister.

Now I try to finish my blog about these important days of my life. I apologize, it will take some time, but everyday chores did wait for me. There are meetings, social media (which surprised me with so much praise – thank you!), my usual Fridays demonstrations, to shop food, cleaning of my apartment, fixing my bike etc, etc. Though I am somewhat short om time, but I will work with the blog each day, I promise. Welcome to become a part of my experiences.

It’s time to bike!

1st of September 2021 I started #BikingForFuture. I began at 10am at Katrineholms city park (stadsparken). I hoped, you could follow this blog about my serious travel every day, but I didn’t always have WI-FI connections. Anyway you can now follow me on a daily basis by checking this link.

I wrote about the issues during this travel as well as about my wonderful hosts, scenic landscapes and border controls – especially about the restrictions depending on the pandemic.

I hoped, that my e-bike and anything of my belongings won’t be stolen. I have done my share to avoid it. I theft-protected my bike and it’s battery and I had an eye on my belongings all the time. To travel by myself was a challenge, of course. I had to find secure places to buy food or use a bathroom. Anyway: I did it for the climate, though it was worth it. I also secured my home. A friend of mine and my landlord as well checked it regularly.

I did prepare my blog with all the places, where I had planned to stay overnight. There were a lot of towns, where I had not found a host before starting the trip and some remained during the tour. If you have any questions about being hosted look for Dorothee Hildebrandt on Facebook, @www-traveller and @ForGrandmas at Twitter or send me an email (dorotheeinternational [at] gmail [dot] com). Thank you so much.

If you are a journalist you have had the chance to help me to get attention for the seriousity of the climate change. There were articles in some newspapers on my way in Sweden and at COP26. I am grateful for that. There were also TV- and broadcasting companies, people, who had podcasts and more, who were writing respectively broadcasting about the climate crisis with me at an example for activism. Thank you so much. I decided not to ask for funding, because I thought, that will not help the climate. I was looking for attention for the climate change and climate emergency and that no politician will longer make empty promises, but will ACT immediately, thinking about all future generations, which will be hurt of this ongoing climate disaster. I also hoped, that the politicians will understand, that it is already 5 past twelve and they will become affected themselves. Therefore: ACT NOW!